Selecting the Best Audio System

The Best Audio System For You

Factory audio systems used to get a bad rap. After purchasing your new car, you had to take out the terrible sounding system that came with your car and install a custom audio system yourself—if you wanted anything worth listening to.

Custom Audio System

But automakers have come a long way. There’s no reason why you should not have a quality sound system in your car that’s as nice as the one in your home. And even though components are limited by the size of the car, car audio systems come with the added bonus of your car being the ultimate surround-sound environment.

With all of the high-end factory stereos on the market today, it’s tough to know which ones are the best.

Here are the top five factory stereos you can buy now.

Porsche Burmester

The new 911’s Burmester stereo, you get 12 speakers, 800 watts of power, and a clarity hard to believe is true. This option blows away previous systems, so don’t write it off before you hear it for yourself.

Audi Bang & Olufsen

With 1,200 watts available, you get the ultimate in car audio systems when you purchase one of these. The Audi A7 displays automatic tweeters that rise up out of the dash when you turn it on. Not as good as the Burmester, but close.

Lexus Mark Levinson

For a while in the recent decade, the Mark Levinson audio system was the best factory audio system world-wide. Check out the LS sedan for the ultimate example of how the Levinson can be sheer luxury to your ears. Unfortunatley, Lexus’ newer premium stereo offerings are inferior to the older one made by Nakamichi, which was Japanese electronics at their best. But the Mark Levinson is up there.

Ford Mustang Shaker Pro Audio

Here you have it, folks. If you’re looking for a thumping sound system to match your mustang, the Shaker Pro Audio has what it takes to get your heart racing. With its subwoofer and iPod/USB input, the sound quality will always rock you away. With the Ford Mustang Shaker Pro Audio, you’ll get the volume you want if not the clarity or tonal separation.

Volkswagen Dynaudio

You read that right. The Volkswagen Dynaudio factory stereos are consistently high quality products. No matter what you choose from the GTI hot hatch or the Touareg crossover, you’ll enjoy a clear authentic sound quality from the Dynaudio that was worth a mention on this selective list.

Don’t take our word for it. Check them out yourself!

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