SHIPPING ALERT AudioControl launches The Epicenter ‘InDash!’ Bass Restoration Processor and InDash SPL Meter

To complement AudioControl’s award winning ‘The Epicenter’ Bass Restoration products, AudioControl now launches ‘The Epicenter InDash’ bringing amazing bass and audio sound quality performance to the fingertips of every car enthusiast….

The Epicenter InDash is available for immediate shipping to all North American and International dealers and initial orders already show this as being one of the star car audio products for 2012. A major social marketing campaign will kick off on February 12th so order now from your local AudioControl rep or call AudioControl directly at +1 425 775 8461 to place your order. The Epicenter InDash will be in high demand and at the CES press launch at CES 2012. The Epicenter InDash was met with great acclaim.

“AudioControl has been leading the way in bass restoration technology for over 20 years. The introduction of The Epicenter InDash allows our customers, to deliver bass to their speakers, like no other product and defines what bass should sound like in all cars with the controls conveniently at their fingertips”.

The Epicenter InDash boasts separate parametric controls that allow fine-tuning of the bass response and allows the user to choose the center frequency for the bass maximization.

The Epicenter InDash does an amazing job of restoring and pumping up digital music files restoring low bass that’s been lost for a variety of reasons including compression or poor recording. In addition, speaker level inputs allow The Epicenter InDash to interface easily with factory radios and the product also includes an SPL meter for true measurement of the bass signal.

All of this by the simple twist of a bass knob for our Epicenter fans to hear the true bottom returning to their music”

Features of “The Epicenter” include: Maximizes the bass in every car, Speaker level inputs for factory radios, AudioControl Para-BASS® equalization, 160dB Hi-SPL microphone & display, Dual blue/red LED backlit illumination and AudioControl’s legendary ‘The Epicenter’ bass circuitry.

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