SiriusXM Focus on Specialty Retailer

ICE and SiriusXM have joined forces in order to focus on the needs of the specialty retailer.

The relationship started with the kick-off of SiriusXM 4th quarter rebate promotion. Every consumer that enters a zip code on is greeted with the SiriusXM rebate ad along with the ICE member who is selling SiriusXM. The ad is also seen on over 140 ICE members’ website homepage.

A SiriusXM feedback comittee will also be established in order to provide retailer feedback directly to SiriusXM executives. Additionally, members will receive an exclusive demo program, product discounts and reusable in-store point of purchase materials.

Rob Elliott, ICE Executive Director: “SiriusXM 2.0 is here and it is important for our members to be at the forefront of this latest digital radio technology.” Elliott continues, “With guidance from ICE and a little help from SiriusXM, we can make sure our members are well equipped to interest the consumer in SiriusXM’s latest technologies and benefits.”

Mike Roberts, SiriusXM VP of Sales: “The speciality retailer is very important to the future of SiriusXM.” Roberts continues, “We are very excited about this relationship as no one understands the needs of the specialist better than ICE.”

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