Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Grow Boating released an April 2017 study that indicates who first-time boat buyers are. The results
transcended generation, income, boat type, and even geography, to yield six types of first-time boat
buyers, all with different motivations for getting out on the water:

Gear Guys / 14.6 million people / 17% of audience
Younger adults, mostly men, motivated by hobbies with specialized equipment. They are intrigued by
the tech and the specs. They crave details, so when they’re ready to buy a boat, they want to talk to the
experts. For the Gear Guys, it’s not about being on the water—it’s about the boat.

Merry Mates / 13.7 million people / 16% of audience
Family is at the core of everything they do— especially their activities. When it comes to boating, Merry
Mates rarely plan events, but they love going along for the ride. For them, boat ownership is the best
way to connect as a family.

Luxurious Leisurers / 15.1 million people / 18% of audience
Image-conscious and surround themselves with the finer things. They are always up for trying a new
hobby or activity. For the Luxurious Leisurers, owning a boat is an achievement that gives them a boost
in status.

Water Weekenders / 19.2 million people / 23% of audience
Enjoy being by or on the water but they didn’t grow up boating. In their social circles, the Water
Weekenders are the ones who plan outings on the boat – tubing, cruising, fishing and water skiing. For
them, owning a boat is driven by their desire to host friends and family.

Seclusion Seekers / 10.6 million people / 12% of audience
Nature lovers who consider their daily life stressful and full of obligations. Seclusion Seekers escape to
the great outdoors through activities like hunting, hiking, camping or kayaking. For them, boating is
about getting away from the daily grind and connecting with nature on the water.

Nautical Natives / 11.9 million people / 14% of audience
Boating is in their DNA so they understand the appeal of boating and take joy in getting on the water.
With lots of experience under their belt, Nautical Natives see themselves as boating experts. Their
desire to own a boat is rooted in continuing a family legacy.

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