Sony New Car Audio Line Up

Sony Car Audio Line up changes for 2011

CDX-GT250MP to be replaced by the CDX-GT260MP

CDX-GT350MP to be replaced by the CDX-GT360MP

CDX-GT550UI to be replaced by the CDX-GT56UI

CDX-GT650UI to be replaced by the CDX-GT660UI

CDX-GT700HD to Stay

CDX-GT740UI to Stay

MEX-BT2900 to Stay

MEX-BT3900U to Stay

CDX-GT35U to be Replaced by CDX-GT40U

DSX-S200X to be replaced by DSX-S210X

DSX-S300X to be replaced by DSX-S310X

All Amps, Speakers, Subwoofers, Marine Products to continue.

New Digital Processor Tuner gives Sony the advantage over all other radio companies when it comes to AM/FM Signal Receiving.

New Sirius/XM Tuner Boxes

Pandora Internet Radio’s

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