Spy Shots—New Fiat-Based CUV From Dodge

At first glance of these photos from the photographers at Brenda Priddy & Co., this might appear to be a mule for the upcoming Dodge compact—often referred to as the Dodge Hornet. However, Priddy’s team says that this is actually an early developmental mule for an all-new Fiat-based CUV.

Sitting higher and with much larger wheel arches than the “compact” mules, this CUV mule confirms earlier reports in Automotive News about Dodge replacing both the Grand Caravan and Avenger with a CUV, according to Priddy & Co., and these photos indicate that it will be based on a Fiat platform.

From all reports, Priddy expects the new CUV to arrive sometime in 2013, likely as a ’14 model.

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