StealthMod™ Bridging the gap between a basic subwoofer addition and a full, custom system solution

A StealthMod™ is a complete, JL Audio-engineered upgrade package that builds on a Stealthbox™ installation with well thought-out amplification and/or speaker system modifications.

The goal is to provide maximum performance value with minimal modification to the vehicle and little visual evidence of its installation. By taking the guesswork out of the system design, equipment selection and installation, JL Audio can offer customers a high-quality, reliable audio upgrade at a very reasonable price.

Camaro StealthMod loaded enclosure
Every aspect of the installation has been thoroughly researched and tested: from the interface with the factory head unit, to the power wiring and the speaker installation. In addition to detailed instructions, the installer will find all the necessary brackets, wiring products, fasteners and adapters to complete the installation. This significantly cuts down installation time, compared to a custom system approach.

The StealthMod on display at CES 2012 showcasing all components in the package including loaded enclosures, amplifier and all necessary wiring.
The end result is an audio upgrade that completely blows away the factory audio system, not only with improved sub-bass, but with better performance across-the-board.

StealthMod™ includes: Stealthbox® subwoofer system, Component speaker upgrades, System amplifier with remote level control, Wiring (power, speaker and signal), Brackets, adaptors and hardware and Detailed installation and setup instructions.

StealthMod™ systems for the following cars are shipping now:

• Kia Soul – Suggested Retail: USD $1449.95/each
• Chevrolet Camaro Convertible – Suggested Retail: USD $2399.95/each

Shipping First Quarter 2012

• BMW X5 (with premium audio) – Suggested Retail: USD $1899.95/each

More models will be released during the course of 2012. Stay tuned.

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