Team Nutz Challenge

Team Nutz Challenge

Team Nutz Challenge

Looking for a new system?  Do you have the Best System Design?  Know what you want?  Looking for the Best Deal?  Want the system to last more then a week?


Take the Team Nutz Challenge!  Team Nutz is Challenging Everyone to find the Best Deal.  At NO Expense to you we will help you do the following:

1.  Make sure the products you are purchasing are what they say they are.

2.  Make sure the products you are purchasing come with a warranty.

3.  Make sure the products you are purchasing have all the necessary parts to complete the install correctly.

4.  Price Last but not Least.  Is the price you have the best price?  Are you getting what you paid for?

How Do We Do This?

1.  Did you know that not all electronic companies are equal.  Ask if your product is CEA(Consumer Electronic Association, Compliant.  Not all car and truck accessories fit.  Have you used the product before.  Majority of the time Team Nutz has and will let you know from experience what fits and what needs modification to make it fit.

2.  Warranty:  Did you know Most Electronic Manufactures will not warranty a product that is purchased online (no exceptions).  Call the Manufacture directly.  Verify if the company you are purchasing the product from; will you(manufacture) honor a Warranty if the product fails.

Most Electronics Manufactures will not warranty a product that was not purchased from a Manufactured Authorized Dealer.

Most Electronic Manufactures will not offer warranty for online purchased products installed by Manufactured Authorized Dealers because it was not purchased through authorized channels.

Team Nutz is a Manufactured Authorized Dealer for all the lines we carry.  We can not guarantee you have a Warranty on your products unless purchased through us and installed by us.

Why is Warranty so important? Look at all the electronic products and accessories you have purchased in the past couple years.  Does your most recent purchase last as long as your Grandmothers Hoover vacuum did.  More then likely it hasn’t.  Items are not built with the same quality they were built with generations ago.  To protect your investment make sure you have a warranty.  Extended warranties have become the best way to protect your investment even longer.  If you have a 1 year warranty expect it to last 1 year.  If that is not long enough for you ask us about Extended Warranties.

3.  Do you have the correct wiring?  Do you have enough battery power?  Is the fuses rated correctly to protect your car from fire damage?  Do you trust a company that does this for a living or do you trust the guy on the forum that you never met?  We don’t tell you how to do your job correctly.  Let us do our job and show you how installation can be completed correctly.  Incorrect wiring or power will damage your electronic products fast and could void any warranties that you may or may not have.

4.  Price:  Ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for.”  Remember this statement is always true.  “Its to good to be True.”  It probably is.

Team Nutz will take your estimate.  Compare it apples to apples.  Team Nutz can beat the estimate you have guaranteed, but Team Nutz will also make sure you have the proper installation and warranties.  Let us compare to the companies we do business with on a regular bases.  Most times we have a product that will give you a better value for your money.  Use our knowledge to make educated decisions instead of experimenting with purchasing blind.

Team Nutz is now honoring all Specialty Retail Shop Coupons and advertisements.

Take the Challenge.  Stop in Today.

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