Team Nutz Introduces Aqua-Fog Odor Eliminator

AQUA-FOG Odor Eliminator represents the new generation of odor eliminating products. The active ingredients in Aqua-Fog react chemically with sources of foul odor and eliminate them, in contrast to similar products that simply mask and cover odors leading to their eventual return once the scent wears off. This product is suitable for automotive applications, boats and RVs, even for treating carpets, upholstery, linens, and hard surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom. This product is effective against pet odor, smoke, body odors, food odors, kitchen and bathroom odors, and odors caused by bacteria and germs. Best of all, there is no scrubbing, wiping, or cleaning when used in the vapor application. This product is safe and effective when used according our simple program design.

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