Text Friendly Hands Free System

New Generation of Hands-Free Service

TextFriendly is an interactive service that allows you to access your e-mails and text messages directly from your Parrot hands-free system or kit. First, you need to register for an account on www.textfriendly.net using your activation code from your product box or by calling 877-9Parrot. This service is available on Parrot’s MKi, CK and MINIKIT series and works with ALL brands of mobile phones.*
* The SMS reading application is a separate software app that requires an installation on the handset. Refer to www.textfriendly.net for further details and compatibility.

TextFriendly by Parrot

Hands-Free Operation

All the commands for writing and reading e-mails/SMS are accessible through vocal menus. The TextFriendly distant server features a set of voice recognition and synthesis software to listen to your commands and read e-mails and text messages. The service exists in multiple languages, including English, American English, Spanish and French.

Simple to Use

Most of the Parrot devices now feature TextFriendly menus directly on the product. To access and use this vocal service, simply go to the embedded TextFriendly menu and validate. The Parrot hands-free system will automatically dial the correct phone number to access the vocal server. Just pronounce the action you would like to perform and TextFriendly will execute the command. Easily read e-mail, compose e-mail, and answer a text message.

* Or save the TextFriendly phone number in your phonebook to access the service directly from your Parrot hands-free device.

TextFriendly by Parrot

Safety First

It’s not easy, nor safe to access your e-mails or texts while driving, and many states and countries are taking actions regarding legislation to ban the use of cell phones in the car. TextFriendly is an easy alternative to manage e-mails and text messages completely hands-free. Stay safe while still staying connected!

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