The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring

The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring &
How Are You Going to Spend Your Tax Deduction?



Before spring fever kicks in…it’s time to do a spring cleaning on your car. Now’s a great time to get your vehicle detail-cleaned so that you can make the very most of these warmer months.

According to a survey, 28 percent of respondents blamed their messy car on the rain and snow, 26 percent on drive-thru food and drinks, and 18 percent on their kids.



Here are four top advantages of detailing your car:

  1. Restoring Exterior & Interior to Original Condition
  2. Extending Operating Life
  3. Increasing Your Enjoyment
  4. Retaining Resale Value

If you’re leasing a car, detailing can help you reduce or eliminate lease-return penalties resulting from not maintaining the vehicle sufficiently.

One of the Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

The average federal tax refund is about $3,000, according to the IRS and a third of all Americans spend their refund on an auto-related purchase.  What about upgrading your car?

A professional detailing is an obvious first choice. But what about clearing foggy headlights, repairing interior rips and tears, new floor mats, new tires and custom rims, remote starter, audio upgrade, window film, paint protection film, or custom leather seats?

Spring is a time of renewal and for extra cash from IRS refund.  So, renew your car and your spirit with Team Nutz. We’re western Pennsylvania’s #1 source for keeping your ride clean and like new. Whether it’s detailing or window film or remote starter, Team Nutz has quality options to fit every budget.

During April, get 10% off all detailing packages. Team Nutz also offers financing, with 90 days same as cash. Stop at our showroom on 3287 Library Road in Castle Shannon, just a 5-minute drive from the intersection of Rt. 88 and Rt. 51. Call 412-882-8346 or contact us today.

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