This Car Has 17-Inch Touchscreen

This summer, Tesla Motors plans to deliver its Model S electric sedan with a 17-inch touch screen and a 7-speaker audio system–all as standard equipment. Plus the radio is WiFi-enabled.

The Model S, for all those who don’t scour the auto blogs, is a sexy-styled $49,000 car that claims the longest range of any electric car, starting at 160 miles (or up to 300 miles if you opt for a premium battery). It goes from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

The car stereo system doesn’t disappoint, at least on the specs.

The 17-inch touch screen/radio integrates with smartphones. The standard audio package gives you a 200 watt system with HD radio, dual USB ports and storage for up to 500 songs. A premium system goes up to 580 watts and 12 speakers with a Dolby ProLogic 7.1 system, satellite radio and space for over 3,000 songs. A spokesman told us 3G is part of the premium package as well. The premium price is $950.

A navigation package with rear view camera and other features is available at $3,750.

Tesla claims the Model S is the first premium sedan to be built from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

Tesla’s stated goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with increasingly affordable electric cars. A Model X SUV version is in the works, but no word yet on the infotainment system.

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