Tinting Your Windows, When is it too Dark?

Windows Not Dark Enough?

Tinted windows come in many different shades, but how dark is too dark? The answer depends on a number of personal attributes, such as age and personal preference. When choosing your tinted windows, it’s necessary to consider not only how the finished product will look, but also how the automotive modification will affect the usability of your car. Here are some things to consider when choosing your tinting auto detail.


One big factor that makes people choose to tint their windows is privacy. The darker the window, the less outsiders can see into the car and monitor your personal activities. For this reason, you may be tempted to choose the darkest shade of tinted window possible. However, the need for privacy has to be balanced with auto safety.

Night Visibility

Visibility is an issue that can cause your tinted windows to interfere with auto safety. Windows with tinting don’t allow you to see the outside surroundings as well as normal windows do. Especially, at night, the darkness of windows can be a problem that affects visibility. Consider how much you drive at night and consider getting a shade or two lighter for better auto safety.

Personal Preference

Personal preference is a factor that causes people to opt for darker windows. Tints at up to 35% are very popular simply for the aesthetic appeal. However, some people actually prefer the lighter shades of tinting so be sure to look at many examples before deciding on your new auto detail.

Age and Eyesight

The age of the primary driver can affect auto safety and the impact of your auto detail. Older drivers often have poorer eyesight and can’t cope with the darkest of tinted windows. When considering automotive modification, it’s necessary to consider how functional dark windows will be. Windows at 15% or 25% can be chosen for older drivers.

State Laws

Each state varies in how dark they allow tinted windows to be. Before you take on an automotive modification, be sure to consult your state law book and see the maximum amount of tint that is allowed in your state.

Varying the Tint

One possible thing to consider is having different shades on different windows. For instance, you may want to have your back windows tinted more darkly than the front windows. This provides more privacy in the back seat of your car while allowing the driver in the front seat to have greater visibility.

Ask an Automotive Modification Expert

If you are having trouble deciding on your new auto detail, speak with an automotive modification expert. This person can help you consider how the darkness of your tinted windows will affect your auto safety and other qualities.

No matter what you choose, be sure that your shade of tint is both functional and attractive. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other, since shades at around 15% or 25% provide an optimal amount of safety, privacy, and affordability.

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