Tis the Season for Window Tinting

☀️ Tis the Season for Window Tinting ☀

Now is the time for all  good men and women to have their  windows tinted. Actually, spring and  fall are the very best seasons because milder temperatures and lower humidity make for easier installation and curing. (But Team Nutz has you literally covered year-round because of our climate-controlled installation center.) Why window tint? It prevents glare ☀ while driving, and protects you and your passengers from skin cancer-causing   UV rays and your car’s interior from fading. It also strengthens your windows, deters theft and looks  great. Appearance is  key, so that’s why you want the award-winning techs at Team Nutz to window tint. It’s an exacting process, cutting and expertly applying the film so there are no streaks or bubbles. There are also PA state laws that determine the percentage of opacity and which windows can and can’t have tint. Team Nutz goes by the book  offering the BEST films, warranties and installs. Ask about our residential window tinting service, too. Throughout September 2017 get 10% off window tinting on any vehicle — even your RV. Contact us now  for an appointment.

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