What is HD Radio Broadcasting?

What is HD Radio Broadcasting?

One of the most popular features of HD Radio Technology is the extra channels that you receive when you listen to HD Radio broadcasts. These extra channels are called HD2/HD3 Channels, and are located on the FM dial, adjacent to your long-time favorite stations. Your local radio stations are inventing all kinds of unique and fun to listen to HD2/HD3s Channels – everything from deep cuts, to classical, to new music formats, to in-language programming and hosts of other creative stuff.

No subscription or additional fees. You will need an HD Radio enabled receiver.

Find the HD2/HD3
channels in your city.

89.3 WQED Classical
90.5 WESA News/Public
90.5-2FM Jazz
90.5-3FM BBC News
91.3 WYEP
92.9 WLTJ
93.7 KDKA
93.7-2FM CBS Radio
93.7-3FM CBS Radio
94.5 WWSW
94.5-2FM Clear Channel
96.1 WKST
96.1-2FM Clear Channel
96.9 WRRK
96.9-2FM Steel City Media
96.9-3FM Steel City Media
96.9-4FM Steel City Media
100.7 WBZZ
100.7-2FM CBS Radio
100.7-3FM CBS Radio
102.5 WDVE
102.5-2FM Clear Channel
104.7 WPGB
104.7-2FM Clear Channel
105.9 WXDX
105.9-2FM Clear Channel
107.9 WDSY
107.9-2FM CBS Radio
107.9-3FM CBS Radio
1020 KDKA
1250 WDDZ

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