Window Tinting:  Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Window Tinting:  Protect Your Eyes and Skin

According to PennDOT, window tint for sedans, SUVs and vans can allow no less than 70 percent of visible light through the windshield, front and back side windows, and rear window with no mirrored or metallic appearance.  But here are all the important reasons why you need to add window tinting to your vehicle. Window tinting decreases heat, reduces fading, Red SUV with tinted windowsoffers skin protection, cuts glare from sun and snow, increases safety, and enhances vehicle appearance.  Most important, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet A (UV-A) rays can raise the odds for skin cancer and cataracts, especially through the side windows which offer less UV-A protection than the windshield. The good news is that Team Nutz can apply window tint year-round. We have three trained professionals on staff and provide lifetime warranty on cracking, peeling, and fading. Team Nutz is authorized dealers of Johnson Window Films and Solar Guard Window Films. These films have special UV inhibitors engineered to block 99 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Contact us now at our Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon locations for an appointment.



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