Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter

Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter


Experts say that the #1 thing to do before temperatures go south is to check your battery. In a Consumer Reports article, “A Cold-weather Survival Guide for Your Car,” the important last point that CR makes is to let the engine warm up. The nation’s go-to source for product testing indicates that modern cars can be started and driven away but a brief bit of idling time gives the oil a chance to heat up, thin out and flow more smoothly. Revving the car isn’t smart and waiting for the idle speed to drop before putting the car in gear increases transmission life. It’s time to make the winter months less tough on your car and YOU. Take a cue from CR and warm up your car with a remote starter installation from the highly trained pros at Team Nutz, starting as low as $159.99. We have the largest inventory, latest technology, and the very best practices to hook you up in time for the first temperature drop. Contact us today.

Read about a “remote starter” winter coat being developed by the U.S Army!
“A new high-tech fabric could mean the end of bulky layers in the winter,” featured in Quartz

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