Satellite TV

Satellite TV

Team Nutz works with one of the leading companies in Mobile Satellite TV, known as KVH.


Leave the DVDs and videotapes at home and instead enjoy up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service and your favorite local channels on the open road. The ultra-low-profile TracVision A9 from KVH sets a new standard for fun on the road with live DIRECTV programming right on your car’s video screens. And for the first time, you can take your local channels with you – don’t miss that big game, traffic report, or breaking local news story again.

The sleek and stylish TracVision A9 travels wherever your vehicle goes and looks great along the way. The patented, automotive-grade housing comes in clear-coated high-gloss black or silver and is rugged enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, and even car washes, making it practical for virtually everything – from station wagons to SUVs, conversion vans to limousines! Traveling in your car has never been this much fun. It’s true…the best seat in the house is now in your car!

Internet, Satellite and HD Radio

Satellite and HD Radio

Internet, Satellite, and HD Radio

Team Nutz offers full line of products compatible to Internet Radio, SiriusXM & HD Radio. Have Pandora, Rhapsody, Last FM, Spotify, Tune In, Napster, MOG, iHeart, RDIO, Wolfgang’s Vault, Aupeo, Stitcher or other Internet Radio Accounts. Let Team Nutz show you how to stream into your vehicles radio.

SiriusXM- It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Imagine channels and channels of whatever you want to listen to. Commercial-free music, all your favorite sports, exclusive talk and entertainment. Not to mention comedy, news, traffic, weather and more. It’s all here, all in one place. Welcome to the world of satellite radio.

HD Radio – One of the most popular features of HD Radio Technology is the extra channels that you receive when you listen to HD Radio broadcasts. These extra channels are called HD2/HD3 Channels, and are located on the FM dial, adjacent to your long-time favorite stations. Your local radio stations are inventing all kinds of unique and fun to listen to HD2/HD3s Channels – everything from deep cuts, to classical, to new music formats, to in-language programming and hosts of other creative stuff.

It’s all Free! No subscription or additional fees. You will need an HD Radio enabled receiver. This feature is built into the radio’s sold by Team Nutz.

Sony – Alpine, Kenwood

Internet Radio –Enjoy your entire music library with the Sony DSX-S310BTX digital media receiver. Featuring the integrated Tune Tray compartment, you can easily connect, control and charge your iPhone®, iPod®, Walkman® player or other compatible music devices via the USB 1-Wire input. The Tune Tray keeps your player secured inside and eliminates unsightly and distracting wires. Any Blueooth enabled radio can stream internet radio apps or services such as iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify or Sticher using your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphones.

This receiver delivers 52 watts of peak power to all four speakers while DSO and EQ3 stage 2 lets you adjust the mix for a dynamic sound experience. In addition to delivering superior sound quality, this receiver features a flip-down, detachable faceplate and is satellite radio and HD Radio® ready. It also features Tune Tray, dual USB 1-wire inputs, Bluetooth® hands-free phone access and streaming audio ability, plus an easy-to-read 4-line OEL display.

Heated Seats

Heated Seats

Say goodbye to cold morning and nighttime driving! With the HSK-150 seat heater kit, you can make your drive a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Our seat heaters will provide comforting warmth through the seats cushion and backing way before your vehicle’s heater can heat up the interior. Seat heaters are a comfort and convenience feature that most of today’s drivers expect to have in any new vehicle. Now everyone can enjoy this luxury in almost any car, truck, SUV or van.

Installed correctly into your seat, the heating pads are invisible and will radiate warmth and comfort throughout the bottom and back cushions enhancing your driving experience for many years to come. The system uses innovative carbon fiber technology allowing the heating pads to be trimmed and curved to fit your seat’s contour and shape and still disperse heat quickly and effectively. The HSK-150 can also be wired into any remote start system which will allow it to turn on with your vehicle’s engine and be warmed up by the time you get into the car.

For those of you who live in an area where the thermometer spends most of the time in the negative or for those who just want their morning or night time drive to be a little more relaxing, having the luxury of a seat heater would be a true blessing. We offer high-quality brands for heated seats including Acelle and Rostra.

  • Quick heat-up time (1-2 Minutes)
  • Carbon Fiber backrest and bottom cushion heating pads
  • Pads can be trimmed or cut by installer to fit on any standard seat
  • Dual temperature control system (Electronic control and Standard bi-metal thermostat)
  • Illuminated 2-color switch for high & low temperature settings
  • Quick connect / disconnect flexible system (Reduces length of wiring)
  • Heating pads are invisible once installed
  • Can be wired into remote start systems for automatic turn-on

Lumbar Support

Cruise in comfort! With the ComfortSeat Lumbar Support System, you can set the amount of lower back muscle support you need for your individual comfort while driving. Tucked away inside the driver or passenger seat, the Lumbar Support System provides the precise amount of extra lumbar support to your lower back, decreasing lumbar strain at your command. With just the touch of a finger, the seat or console-mounted switch activates a pneumatic motor filling the bladder within the seat. Make every drive a comfortable drive.

The ComfortSeat Lumbar Support Systems are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, you’ll want to inspect the construction of your seat to determine whether or not you will need a front-mount or rear-mount interior bladder. Front-mount units are installed between the inner foam and outer material of your seat, while rear-mount bladders are used in situations where your seat’s exterior material is bonded (glued or stitched) to the supporting inner foam material.

Massage Seats

Ride in comfort! The innovative seat massager system by Rostra is the ultimate in driving comfort. The kit consists of four bladders and a pneumatic motor designed to be installed on the interior of your seat. Once activated using our universal or vehicle specific switches, the ComfortSeat seat massage system helps to prevent driver fatigue and the static loading on musculature associated with long bouts of driving. Keep alert and comfortable with a ComfortSeat automotive seat massage system!

The Comfort Seat Automotive Seat Massage Systems are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, you’ll want to inspect the construction of your seat to determine whether or not one can be installed.