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The Store starts back from the first install in 1995 in a parking lot in Sheraden - Pittsburgh, PA. When Ed Nuttall had 2x 15" subwoofers before he had a car to put them into. Rattling his bedroom with the subwoofer playing still in the cardboard boxes in the corner of the Room.

Fast Forward to 1999 when Competitions for SPL was in its Prime. USAC, IASCA and DB Drag Racing. Pittsburgh Super Bowl of sound and many other events around the area grew the interest of a stereo competition.

2000 Was the first year of competing on a National Level at locations that included: Toronto, Canada, Daytona Beach FL, Omaha Ne, Nashville TN, Oklahoma City OK. and many areas over Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia that year. Leading to a World Record in May of 2000. 3rd Place at Both World Finals for DB Drag Racing and Iasca. 2001 Was very similar with another 3rd Place at DB Drag Racing World finals.

All of these competitions and traveling was funded by Ed Nuttall building subwoofer boxes in a back alley garage on Southern Ave in Mount Washington - Pittsburgh, PA

As time went on, it was decided to Open the First Team Nutz location in Castle Shannon in June of 2003. A loan from Dollar Bank of $35,000 that was exhausted in several months. Another loan from Capital one, visa and American Express allowed us to continue business for the next several years.

In 2007 Team Nutz opened the a 2nd location at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club that was the beginning of many good business relationships. Here we developed skills in the marine detailing business and marine electronic business. TN Security, Team Cleanz was formed out of the relationships that were developed at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club. Sadly in 2018 we ended our Fox Chapel store to focus on family and growth of our New Location that we are at today at: 3287 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234 - In Castle Shannon.

At this time we also added many additional services to our list including: Vinyl Wraps, Truck Accessories, Vehicle Restoration and Customization. Suspension Lift Kits and lowering kits and many more items to expand into Marine, RV, Home and commercial - Electronics, Detailing and Accessories.

Team Nutz moved to 3287 Library Road in July of 2009.

In 2009 Team Nutz introduced Auto Magic Distribution to the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. A Professional Detail Product company for Car Dealerships and Auto Detail Shops

In 2020 we have introduced a new online store devision under the name of: DiyCustoms.store. A new adventure we are working on.

Every Year since 2003 we have been able to continue to grow with the help of our staff, there families and our Customers Support. Without a Good Team we would not be able to continue our growth year after year.

This story is not over - stay tuned for more details to come via: Social Media, events and online here.


View some of our products and work. Get an
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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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