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Warm up your car in the winter or cool it down in the summer. Get a text that your car has been broken into. Left your keys in the car? No problem…unlock your car with you smart phone. Remote Starters are becoming more advanced with alarm systems and more linking to apps on your smart phone. The highly trained tech pros at Team Nutz are current with the new wiring diagrams and instructions for all vehicles. Contact us now for the best prices & options.

*some vehicle restrictions may apply

  • Installation Only Takes 2 to 3 Hours
  • 1-Year Warranty on Labor + Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • All Remote Starters Upgradeable to Smart Start App
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remote starter installation

Experience and Education is what sets us apart. We will use Vehicle Specific wiring harnesses whenever possible. If a vehicle specific wire harness is not possible, we will use 3M connectors. We never cut wires unless it is absolutely necessary. We stand behind our installation for as long as you own your vehicle. If there is an issue and it’s our fault, we will not charge you. We offer a 1-year warranty in house on all parts and labor. Most remote start manufactures offer lifetime limited warranties on components and 1 year warranty on remotes.

Vehicle Specific Programming for Today’s Remote Starter:

Team Nutz will ask you a series of questions to get to know what the best option is available for your vehicle. This helps us get to know what your vehicle requires out of a remote starter. Many vehicles require specific programing and equipment that only works for that vehicle. Next: we can offer you the best system for your needs. We will install a remote start that fits your requests for your vehicle. Remote starters need to communicate with your vehicle’s computers. We are download specific programming to the remote starter before every install is started.

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For as long as remote starters have been around, the false story that “remote starters will void your car warranty” has also been around. It’s simply not true. A federal law – the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, passed by Congress in 1975 – that provides: “Warranties, written or implied, cannot be conditioned on the consumer’s use of any article or service identified by brand, trade, or corporate name.”

You can read this for yourself on the website the Federal Trade Commission has established HERE.

In Summary: the law states that a vehicle manufacturer can’t void your warranty because aftermarket parts have been installed or someone other than the dealer performs your service work, unless the manufacturer has been able to convince the FTC that the restriction is in the public interest. This is rare because it’s a very difficult process to complete!

Scared Sales Tactics:

Sometimes, you will find a person trying to mislead you by tell you, “Well, your warranty will be voided if you buy a remote start from Team Nutz, but if you buy it from us, your warranty will still exist.” If you hear something like this, you may want to politely turn around and walk away from the person because: 1. They don’t know what they are talking about. 2. They are trying to take advantage of you.

Sound Familiar?

This conversation happens all the time. If an employee at a dealership tells you that your car warranty will be voided if you install a remote start from someone other than the dealership, ask them to put it in writing. We have never seen this in writing because its illegal scare tactics.

What should I do?

There are some other important things to consider about your warranty. If you choose a lousy product and the product fails, you may have a problem. If you have it installed by an amateur who does a lousy job and it causes a problem in the vehicle, the dealer doesn’t have to cover that under warranty. Team Nutz has been installing Remote Starters for over 17 years. We average over 1,000 installs every year.

Installing a remote start system is kind of like integrating a small computer with your car. It requires an experience technician to disassemble your vehicle properly, make the right connections using the proper techniques, reassemble the vehicle and verify the integrity of the system afterward. Team Nutz looks at it as surgery for your vehicle. Would you go to any doctor promotes the lowest rates on Craigslist or would you look for a doctor who has the best reputation and a track record of success?

Trust the Most Experienced and Don’t Worry!

When you purchase a remote starter from Team Nutz, you don’t have to worry. We only install top quality remote starters, installed by expert technicians. We are known for providing the highest level of service and support to all of our clients. In the odd circumstance your system malfunctions, we will get you in to get your system working again as quickly as possible.

Most Remote Start Manufactures offer Limited Life Time Warranty on Components and a 1 year warranty on Remotes. Team Nutz stands behind our install quality as long as you own the vehicle. You will never pay for a poor-quality warranty work and we will never give a poor-quality install. Team Nutz offers a 1 year warranty on Parts and Labor for parts purchased from Team Nutz. .

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View some of our featured products and
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