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Ranch Hand aftermarket Bumper on a ford truck

Customize Your Truck with Ranch Hand!

Upgrade your truck with Ranch Hand’s Midnight Series Front Bumper.

Ranch Hand’s Midnight Front Bumper is a full form fitting front end bumper that’s forged by hand. It’s constructed of 3/16” thick smooth steel, weighing approx. 175 lbs giving your ride a highly adaptable, sleek and aggressive style. This product allows you to make your own rules with either the additional protection of a grille guard or the lower profile aesthetic of a bumper. Midnight is the most customizable bumper Ranch Hand has ever produced with options that enable you to put your personal touch into.

While bumpers are a necessary part of your vehicle, helping to provide a barrier against the impact from other vehicles, they can also add style and a sleek appearance to your vehicle. At Team Nutz, we offer a large selection of bumpers to suit your style.

Maybe it was our early fascination with Hot Wheels back in the day because today Team Nutz is Pittsburgh’s pit stop for the latest in cool auto gear. Customize your vehicle with the finest in rims and tires, window tinting, airbrushing and more. Contact us now to learn more.

Team Nutz sales staff has extensive access to easy online searches… In addition to accessories and wheels, OEM replacement parts by year, make, or model. Detailed product information including images, kit information, reference part numbers, and availability makes selling products easy.

Team Nutz is the automotive aftermarket industry’s leader in technology. Featuring the most comprehensive list of lines of accessories, wheels and much more.


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