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failed ceramic coating on car roof

How To Tell If Your Ceramic Coating Is Failing

If you have recently had the ceramic coating applied on your vehicle in Pittsburgh, it is essential to know that the ceramic coating will eventually wear away. To maximize the lifespan of your ceramic coating and keep your car looking shiny and new, it is essential to be aware of any signs that indicate the protection of your vehicle’s paint has begun to fail.

Signs Your Ceramic Coating Has Failed

The most obvious sign that your ceramic coating is wearing away is when you can see a visible change in the shine and luster of your vehicle’s paint. As the coating wears off, it will begin to look dull or faded. The coating’s self-cleaning abilities may also be compromised if it fails.
How water behaves when it comes into contact with the coating is another important sign to watch out for. Think back to when the ceramic coating was new. How did the water behave on the coating? Did it bead up and slide off or come off in rapid sheets? If there is a change in how the water behaves on the coating, it is a likely sign that the ceramic coating has failed.

What Can I Do If My Ceramic Coating Has Failed?

If you believe the ceramic coating on your vehicle has failed, it is important to act quickly. The best way to ensure the protection of your paint is to have an experienced professional reapply the ceramic coating. Until then, be sure to keep your car clean and waxed frequently. Doing so will help reduce any potential damage from sun, salt, and weather.
Having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle is an excellent way to maintain its beauty and shine, but it must be maintained over time. Regularly check for signs of wear and tear, so the coating can be reapplied if necessary. This will ensure that your car continues to look great for years to come!
If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and looking for help with your ceramic coating, contact us today! At Team Nutz, we offer quality ceramic coatings that will keep your car looking its best.


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