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What Is The Big Deal With Ceramic Coating?

Customers are looking for ceramic coatings for vehicles more than ever before. Ceramic coating companies offer a variety of ceramic coating solutions that provide superior protection against environmental pollution, the sun’s UV rays, and dirt and grime. The ceramic coating acts as a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint job and the elements, keeping it looking clean and new.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings provide numerous benefits to car owners, from reducing maintenance costs to providing extra shine and protection for your vehicle’s paint job. Ceramic coatings can help protect your vehicle from scratches, oxidation, fading, water spots, and more. The ceramic coating also creates a durable barrier against salt, dirt, and grime, making it easier to keep your vehicle looking clean.  Even the cheapest ceramic coatings can last upwards of 12 months.

Ceramic coatings are liquid polymers that if professionally applied, can form an even more effective chemical bond to the paint than regular sealants. While they do an exemplary job of protecting against oxidation, fading, water spots, UV rays, chemicals, and scratches, ceramic coatings are not a force field. Shopping carts can still damage your car, and a large enough rock and a high enough velocity is still going to chip. It also still needs to be kept clean to remain effective longer and protect the investment. There are different types of ceramic coating as well. Regardless of the type, removing ceramic coating is no simple task.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

The price of professional ceramic paint coating and the difficulty of removing the coating may deter some people.

The Cost of Ceramic Coating

While some may consider the cost of ceramic coating as a point against it, the true disadvantage comes from choosing lesser paint protection options.
Not all products are completely alike, but generally speaking:
Wax  – The cheapest option, wax only lasts 2-4 months and does not survive many car washes. Wax is also ineffective at protecting your car’s paint from rocks or other objects that can scratch it.
Paint Protection Film – Paint protection film is a thin plastic film and great protection against scratches. However,  if it is poorly maintained or left on too long, it can be difficult to remove it without damaging the paint underneath.
Synthetic Paint Sealants – Synthetic paint sealants not only improve the overall gloss and protect against UV rays, salt,  and more but are engineered to have a better bond with paint, last up to 6 months but suffer from the same weaknesses as wax when it comes to detergents and chemicals.

Ceramic Coatings are Difficult to Remove

Considering the benefits listed above, ceramic coatings are the best overall paint defense. However, if you choose to recoat, repaint, or simply change your mind, your work will be cut out for you. You can only remove a ceramic coating using the right tools and a considerable amount of elbow grease. 

How to Find the Best Ceramic Coating Company

If you’re searching for “ceramic coating near me,” there are a few things to consider before deciding. First, make sure the ceramic coating company you choose is reputable and offers a quality product. It’s also important to research ceramic coating warranties and read customer reviews to ensure you get the best ceramic coating for your needs.
Ultimately, ceramic coatings can offer superior protection for your vehicle’s paint job, helping it maintain its original shine and color for longer. If you’re considering ceramic coatings for your car or truck, be sure to do your research and find ceramic coating companies with a good track record. With the right ceramic coating, you can ensure your vehicle is protected for many years to come.

Ceramic Coating Services at Team Nutz

At Team Nutz, our expert team can apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle with precision and care. Contact us today to learn more!


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