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How To Keep Your Ceramic Coating Looking Great

Ceramic coating is a popular investment for car enthusiasts and people who just want to keep their daily driver nice because it significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to maintain a car’s paint job. However, even with a ceramic coating, there are still some things you can do to help keep your car looking its best.

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to keep your ceramic coating looking great for a longer period of time. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to enjoy extended paint protection on your initial investment!

The Problem with Ceramic Coatings

Maintaining a ceramic coating on your car is essential for protecting exterior surfaces from harsh elements like dirt, water, and oil. However, ceramic coatings can still wear away over time. The better ceramic coating options will last longer, so it is important to know that you get what you pay for, and not all brands are created equally.

To hang on to the glossy sheen ceramic coatings offer for as long as possible, it is important to thoroughly research ceramic coating service centers and find one near you that you trust to apply the best ceramic coating option to your vehicle.

If you are new to ceramic coatings, you may assume that once the product that was applied to your car by the experts is fully cured, it is indestructible. This is partially true. Provided that you have a higher-end product on your car’s paint, like the graphene ceramic coating from Team Nutz, you have extended paint protection from the elements, bird droppings, road salt, tree sap, bug guts, and more!

If you are looking to maintain the ceramic coating to protect your investment, there are special treatments that can be applied to keep your paint protection going strong. You should avoid the urge to apply car wax on top of your ceramic coating, as it can create more problems for you.

Why It Is Important to Maintain Your Car’s Ceramic Coating

Some less reputable ceramic coating companies brag that their products are self-cleaning and impervious. Even for the higher-end ceramic coatings, you will still need to wash your car with a special shampoo and a microfiber mitt.

This is best done a couple of times a month, depending on the area the car is parked, to keep contaminants from building up on the ceramic coating and jeopardizing its effectiveness. The ceramic coating is hard and resistant and will take the brunt of the damage, but using the wrong chemicals or not cleaning it at all can cut down its life span and reduce the amount of time it would normally take for the contaminants to start affecting the paint.

The goal at the end of your ceramic coatings lifespan is to have it removed, with perfect paint underneath, and to apply a new coat to absorb future threats to your car’s shine.

Can I Wax Over My Ceramic Coated Car?

Car ceramic coating provides an improved level of protection for your car, but can you wax over ceramic coating to keep it looking good? The answer is both yes and no.

While car wax can provide short-term protection for your car’s paint, it is unnecessary and inadvisable to apply wax to your ceramic coating. Wax protects your car’s paint partially by trapping debris within the wax before it has a chance to get to the paint below it. Because of this, wax needs to be removed and applied more often. If you were to put wax on top of your ceramic coating, it would absorb all these contaminants, trapping them up against your ceramic coating and depriving you of the shiny sheen granted by the ceramic coating’s superior hardness.

Car wax also has a harder time adhering to ceramic coating and will need to be removed during a smaller window of time. The chemicals required to remove the wax would also be potentially detrimental to the ceramic coating underneath. Not to mention the extra time spent that you were trying to save by getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle in the first place.

The Best Way To Keep Ceramic Coating Looking Nice

Maintaining ceramic coating on a car is essential to ensure the car looks great for years to come. To maintain the ceramic coating’s appearance, it is important to use ceramic coating-approved shampoo when washing your car at least a couple of times a month, avoiding wax as it could cause damage.

Additionally, using ceramic coating boost spray when washing and drying your car will ensure long-lasting protection. Finally, it is beneficial to quickly wipe down your car with a microfiber cloth as needed throughout the week so that dirt and debris can be easily evacuated without causing lasting damage, following these simple steps to keep ceramic coatings looking nice over time.

If you stop in for ceramic coating services, ask us about approved chemicals you can use to clean it!

Get The Best Ceramic Coating Near You At Team Nutz

Understanding the ins and outs of ceramic coating will keep your car looking good for years to come. Your vehicle’s paint job is likely an investment that you want to protect as much as possible. To do this, proper maintenance includes taking extra special care of your ceramic-coated cars and trucks.

Make sure you understand what products should be used in order to avoid damage to the coating, and don’t wax over it! Properly caring for your car’s ceramic coating is essential to ensure your car looks factory new each time you drive it.

Let Team Nutz take the hassle away with our top-tier paint protection. Our graphene ceramic coatings are designed with patent-pending technology and offer superior defense for your vehicle’s paint finish. Give us a call today for a free quote, and let us show you how we deliver powerful protection at competitive prices!


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