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Ceramic Coating Services

Team Nutz uses a top-tier ceramic coating blend that is thicker and smoother than typical ceramic coatings used by many other companies. Trust the experts at Team Nutz to give your paint the best protection available.

Get Your Car Ceramic Coated

Ceramic Coating For Cars and Trucks

Professionally applied ceramic coating is an effective way to protect the paint on your car. Team Nutz ceramic coatings provide superior protection for your car’s paint. Our ceramic coatings are made with graphene, a revolutionary ceramic material that is more effective and durable than traditional ceramic coating.

By getting your car ceramic coated at Team Nutz, you can enjoy dramatic benefits such as increased scratch resistance, improved gloss and shine, and UV protection that prevents fading from the sun’s rays. It can also help with the damage caused by sap or bird droppings. Keep your car looking newer for longer with Team Nutz ceramic coatings! Invest in ceramic coating for your car or truck today and protect your vehicle’s beautiful finish.

graphene ceramic coating by Team Nutz

This graphene ceramic coating is one of the longest-lasting coatings we have come across.   Our graphene ceramic coating adds increased depth and clarity to all surfaces of the car it is applied. This product can be applied on all painted surfaces, headlights, tail lights, PPF, wheels, chrome, and now bed liners.

TN Graphene replaces the need to wax your car ever again.  

When installed by a Team Nutz-approved technician, we offer a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the car.  We are so confident of this product we put our name on it.

This is the only ceramic coating product on the market that we have tried where the applicator hardens after application to the point it can not be used for anything.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our ceramic coating services for cars and trucks in Pittsburgh.

Ceramic Coating

Category: Ceramic Coating

To take care of your ceramic coating, it is best practice to avoid certain chemicals and Wax. If you want to care for your car’s ceramic coating, and you got it done using our ceramic coating services, ask us about approved chemicals, and read more in the article: How To Keep Your Ceramic Coating Looking Great!

Category: Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating comes in many varieties. Some are cheap and don’t last as long, or provide the shine you are looking for. Others can cost a bit more money, but will provide lasting protection. We recommend our expert installation of our graphene ceramic coating. Learn more on our blog post: What Kind of Ceramic Coating Should I Get?


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