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Ceramic Coating Services In Pittsburgh

Team Nutz offers ceramic coating services, and graphene coating services using a top-tier coating blend that is thicker and smoother than typical ceramic coatings used by many other companies, and offered on store shelves. The experts at Team Nutz will give your paint the best paint protection available.

Get Your Car Ceramic Coated

Paint protection comes in many forms. Some people choose ceramic coating. Others choose graphene coating services to preserve their vehicle’s paint for years to come.

Ceramic Coating Services In Pittsburgh

Ceramic coating, if properly applied, is an effective way to protect the paint on your car or truck. Think of ceramic coating as a long-lasting wax applied thinner without sacrificing effectiveness. In fact, ceramic coating lasts longer and provides better paint protection than wax. Wax must be redone frequently, but a high-quality ceramic coating can last five years or more. Ceramic coating uses nanoparticles that fill in all the microscopic pits in the clear coat on a vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coating repels water, adds a thick layer that bonds solidly to the paint, and protects it from scratches, chemicals, UV damage, rain spots, mud, dirt, bird droppings, and other foreign contaminants. This coating cures hard, reduces the visibility of swirl marks, and makes cleaning easier!

Get Your Car Ceramic Coated

Or discover a coating that performs better than standard ceramic coating.

Graphene  Coatings Are Better Than Standard Ceramic Coating

Think of graphene coating as the inside of an anti-stick pan on the outside of your vehicle. These coatings are created similarly to ceramic coatings, but with the introduction of graphene to the chemical mix, we gain a more robust and forgiving compound. Graphene holds many benefits over traditional ceramic coatings. When compared to ceramic coatings, graphene coatings offer superiority in:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Water spot deterrence
  • Heat absorption
  • Easier application
  • Flexible (reduced cracking)
  • Less maintenance


Graphene Ceramic Coating Services in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, Team Nutz graphene coatings provide superior protection for your car’s paint. Our coatings contain graphene, a revolutionary ceramic material that is more effective and durable than traditional ceramic coating. We are proud to announce and offer our graphene paint protection coating solution.

graphene ceramic coating by Team Nutz

Graphene Coat Your Vehicle At Team Nutz To Unlock:

Years of Experience

Fully Vetted Product

Superior Customer Service


The Benefits of Graphene Ceramic Coating

This graphene ceramic coating is the longest-lasting paint protection coating we have encountered over the years.   Our graphene ceramic coating adds increased depth and clarity to all surfaces of the car it is applied. This product can be applied on all painted surfaces, headlights, tail lights, PPF, wheels, chrome, bed liners, and certain types of plastic.

This is the only graphene coating product on the market that we have tried where the applicator hardens after application to the point it can not be used for anything.

Invest in graphene ceramic coating for your car, truck, or boat today and protect your vehicle’s beautiful paint.

Get Your Car Graphene Coated

Paint Correction Before Ceramic/Graphene Coating

If you bring your vehicle to us and it already has marred paint, our experts will recommend vehicle paint correction so that blemishes are not trapped beneath the coating and immortalized on your vehicle for years until the graphene coating begins to fail. See in the video below the difference between paint that has been corrected and paint that has not:

Never Wax Your Car Again

TN Graphene replaces the need to wax your car ever again.

Ceramic Coating / Graphene Coating Installation Warranty At Team Nutz

When installed by a Team Nutz-approved technician, we offer a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the car.  We are so confident of this product we put our name on it.

Contact us today to learn more about our ceramic coating services for cars, trucks and more in Pittsburgh.

Frequently Asked Questions About:

Ceramic Coating

Category: Ceramic Coating

Rust occurs when iron and oxygen are exposed to water or moisture over time. Rust can also form from exposure to salt, air pollution, and other contaminants in the environment. Ceramic coating bonds with your cars paint to keep moisture and salt from getting to your paint. Learn more!

Category: Ceramic Coating

To take care of your ceramic coating, it is best practice to avoid certain chemicals and Wax. If you want to care for your car’s ceramic coating, and you got it done using our ceramic coating services, ask us about approved chemicals, and read more in the article: How To Keep Your Ceramic Coating Looking Great!

Category: Ceramic Coating

To maintain the ceramic coating’s appearance, it is important to use ceramic coating-approved shampoo when washing your car at least a couple of times a month, avoiding wax as it could cause damage. Read more about how to keep your ceramic coating looking great!

Category: Ceramic Coating

The 9H hardness rating refers to the hardness of the ceramic coating as almost as hard as glass. Though hardness is not the only important attribute for ceramic coating. 

Category: Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating comes in many varieties. Some are cheap and don’t last as long, or provide the shine you are looking for. Others can cost a bit more money, but will provide lasting protection. We recommend our expert installation of our graphene ceramic coating. Learn more on our blog post: What Kind of Ceramic Coating Should I Get?


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