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What are the Benefits of a Remote Starter?

There are many benefits of remote starters! At Team Nutz, our experts can install a remote starter in your vehicle to help you reap the many benefits and enjoy the convenience of a remote starter! Our experienced team has put together a guide to help you learn more about remote starters and their benefits!

Remote Starter Benefits

There are many benefits to getting a remote starter installed in your vehicle.

Warm Up Your Car In Advance

Remote starters allow you to start your car from the comfort of your home or office, meaning you don’t have to brave the cold weather to get your car started. Additionally, remote starters can also help you warm up your car before you get in, making for a more comfortable ride, and can also allow you to defrost your windshield during the cold Pittsburgh winters.

Provide Added Security Benefits

Remote starters can also provide added security for your car, as you can activate the alarm and lock the doors from afar. Many modern and more complicated remote starters also come with smartphone app compatibility that allows you to track the location of the vehicle.

Smartphone Compatible Remote Starters

You can also enjoy the convenience of synchronizing your car with your smartphone if you purchased a smartphone-compatible starter. When you install a remote starter that features app integration, you can control access to your car or truck using your mobile device!

This enables you to start your vehicle from your bed in the morning before you even take your keys off the hook.

Remote Starters Increase Engine Longevity

A common misconception about remote starters is that they increase wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine.

Starting your vehicle remotely through an aftermarket remote starter actually warms up your engine as well as the cabin where you sit. When the fluids and components in your engine are warmer before you start driving, the oil flows better, and your motor has had a chance to prepare itself for the drive.

This is similar to stretching before a workout. Starting an engine via a remote starter is no different than starting it with a key, other than the fact that you cannot drive until the key is in the ignition.

Small Problems With Remote Starters

While remote starters are a great addition to any vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase one.

Potentially More Items On Your Keyring

Depending on which remote starter you are going to have installed, adding a remote starter can also add another device to your keyring. That being said, there are remote starters that you can have someone install for you that utilize the existing buttons on the key fob you already have.

If your car does not already have a fob from the factory, then yes, you will have an additional item on your keyring, but that is a small price to pay for convenience.

Incorrect Remote Starter Installation

If you pick an inexperienced shop to complete your remote starter installation, there could be complications resulting from workers who are not prepared for every scenario. This can result in electrical problems or computer issues.

The same thing can happen if you install it yourself with no prior knowledge. Youtube videos explaining how things work are awesome, but they do not replace years of experience with remote starters and diverse vehicle familiarity.


Remote Starter Installation in Pittsburgh

Team Nutz is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. When you search for “remote car starter installation near me,” be sure to choose Team Nutz! Contact us today to learn more!

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