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2 Way Communication

Having open communication while out on your boat is crucial to ensure that you can contact help or communicate with other boats while out on the water. If you looking to purchase new communication accessories for your boat or want to upgrade your current system, Team Nutz has you covered!

At Team Nutz, we work with some of the Top of Line 2 Way Communication systems for CB Radios, VHF Radios, Hailer Horns, Satellite Telephone and many more! These brands include Icom, Simrad, and Standard Horizon.

Icom has become a leading member of development in radios in becoming the first to produce products with important key features. They have been the first to produce a submersible, Li-ion powered and floating radios. One of their popular radios has received the NMEA Best VHF Radio Product Award for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.
Simrad believes that one of the most important parts of boating is the ability to communicate. The ability to communicate with other vessels or to transponders on the shore, and most important to contact for emergencies to resources on the water. They work to deliver the best technology to keep their customers worry free on their travels.
Standard Horizon is known for radios for use in commercial and personal use. Their products have been used for fishing, shipping, and base stations. Their application of the latest technology has led them to become one of the most used brands for many government agencies such as the Coast Guard in multiple countries.

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