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Security is a crucial part of boat ownership for keeping your belongings and boat or RV safe. At Team Nutz, we offer a variety of wireless security systems, with 12-volt alarms from Python or 110-volt alarms from Honeywell. These alarms can be paired with GPS devices, surveillance cameras, entry alarms, water sensors, professional 24/7 monitoring services, and more.

Our selection of real-time security system options uses a web connection to watch over your boat or RV. Because they work on a web connection, you can get real-time status updates via text or email and you can also watch activity via a handheld monitor or smartphone. We work with the best in wireless security systems to ensure you receive the protection you need. These brands include:

Honeywell has been one of the leading innovators in creating the security systems we know today. They have created a large varieties of systems that are easy to operate and are reliable, and are continuing to broaden what they can do with security systems. Their products undergo extensive testing to ensure that you are receiving the best quality and performance. With Cellular Monitoring available to alert you in the case of a break in. Add Flood Sensors in the bilge to alert you of a possible flood situation. All can be accessed and controlled from your phone with the Total Connect 2.0 app.

Python alarm systems is an affordable and reliable alarm system that provide not only a 1-way system but also a 2-way system to ensure you get the coverage you desire. They put their products against every test possible before introducing their new products to the public. This gives their customers the peace of mind that they have tried every possible scenario on their alarms to ensure that it will hold up against practically everything. Python is known by many electronic retailers as having one of the best customer service they can offer to their customers so there is no doubt that your valuables will be covered.

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