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Marine Video can include many different options. Team Nutz has been installing Satellite TV and HD TV on many RV’s and Boats. Screens include Flat Screen LED TV’s to Outdoor waterproof TV’s.

Satellite TV has grown very popular. This give the capabilities of watching Direct TV or Dish Network on the go. Whether on the Road, Water or stationary. Team Nutz has options to get you Satellite TV in your recreation vehicle.

The newest growing system is HD TV. HD TV allows you to get free broadcasted TV into your boat or RV at 1080 quality. Enjoy better picture quality at the best price…FREE.

Team Nutz specializes in upgrading your boat or RV Tube TV’s to the new wide screen LED flat panels. This transition helps save space and give your vehicle a more modern look, while enjoying an upgraded picture.

Stop in at Team Nutz and let us show you how we can get you the best in Picture quality on your recreational vehicles.

Majestic TV has worked with some of the best technology for the ability to allow their TVs to connect with both tablets and cell phone devices on both iPhone and Android platforms and take on the rough marine environment. Their TVs come with USB and HDMI, component, and VGA inputs for divisibility for whatever the consumer may be looking for.

Skyworth TVs supply their consumers with leading low-cost technology in their TVs. They lead the world as one of the top 5 color TV brands and is top 3 in the android tv platform. They have innovated their product to produce one of the top quality TVs out there and bring the best experience to their consumers.


View some of our products and work. Get an
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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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