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Bring your favorite tunes and TV shows with you on your next boat ride or RV trip with our range of satellite TV and radio products for your boat or RV. Team Nutz works with all the leading companies in Mobile Satellite TV, including:

Shakespeare Marine TV antennas are key to an easy transmission of television at the dock as well as on the water. They are capable of transmitting in HD, internally amplified and have 360-degree receiver that requires no adjusting for the best possible picture.

Sirius XM is wildly becoming one of the most trusted brand names for satellite radio and commonly known to the public. Their product features many different variations of channels in different genres and generations ensuring their customers are able to find a station fit for what they enjoy. There are 2 ways to obtain this highly sought-after radio.

The Sirius XM SXV300 is designed to plug into the existing radio for access to all of the channels you love at a simple click of a button on your radio. The other option is for a portable radio. The portable radios allow you to enjoy Sirius XM without having to wire through an existing radio so you can enjoy your channels anywhere, even if a radio is not present. With hundreds of channels to choose from you can enjoy music, sports, news, comedy, and so much more from practically anywhere.

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View some of our featured products and
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