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Team Nutz works with some of the world’s best Chart Plotting systems and Navigation systems. Whether on Pavement or Water we have the system for you. Navigation has advanced greatly over the past couple years with Satellite and Cellular pinpoint positioning systems.

Furuno works to produce the finest products for all kinds of boaters, whether it be yachts, fishing, or sailboats. They work to provide the cutting-edge and reliable systems and obtain customer satisfaction with all of their marine products offered.

Garmin has been widely known in both automotive and marine industries. Known for it's easy to use capabilities, they thrive on being simple and easy to operate. Their goal is to allow you to plot your course quickly from your fingertips. Some of the available chartplotters include built in sonars using HD-ID and CHIRP sonars to provide clear illustrations of the water.

Raymarine offers a range of charts, providing strong, flexible that work with some of the top providers with a large range of charts, this provides strong, flexible navigation capabilities. Their variations of charts allow for vector, dynamic raster, 3D, and satellite charts.

Simrad combines their chartplotters with fishfinder sonar capabilities to create ideal planning and navigation. They offer high quality products by building all of the performances into the units at the factory and offer updates to bring the newest and best information to your vessel to lead you to your final destination.

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View some of our featured products and
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