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Team Nutz has invested a lot of time and money into the rim and tire business. The end result of this hard work is enabling Team Nutz LLC the ability to provide the best pricing available on rims and tires with thousands of different types of makes and manufacturers.

Team Nutz’s 2024 lineup includes all the big names from Wheel Pros & ATD Wheels Brands include: Fuel, Asanti, American Ford, US Mags, TIS Dropstar, Crager, American Racing, and thousands more!

Current deals we are offering for Rims and Tire packages are at its lowest time of the year. Don’t see your size, call today to get exactly what you want. Ask us about the advantages of Road Force Balancing!!

Team Nutz offers financing and lease-to-own options, with Many options. Why Rent when you you can Buy and Drive for up to half the price. Your dream is only a Signature away.

ATD offers one of the greatest range of styles in the industry, offering rims that are sporty or elegant and refined or rugged.
Whether you are looking to add style while cruising the streets or on your adventurous rides, Wheelpros has the durable, custom rims you need.
TSW manufactures rims that provide customers with a precision fit for the domestic and imported vehicles they support.

ATD has access to over 4-million tires is a variety of styles and sizes, featuring the world’s top brands.

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View some of our products and work. Get an
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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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