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Cameras and Sensors

At Team Nutz, your safety is important to us, which is why we offer a variety of safety and convenience accessories for your vehicle. From backup cameras and collision avoidance to cellphone signal boosters, we have the accessories you need to make your vehicle safer and easier to use!

Team Nutz has been working with some of the best manufacturers listed here and more for many years. iBeam, Rostra, Accele, App-Tronics, Brandmotion, Rydeen and many more. If these guys don’t have the solution, it might not exist.

Check out our Safety And Convenience Accessories:

Rostra has been in the vehicle convenience business for years. Most may know them from aftermarket cruise control systems they offer. Now Rostra has taken the high quality they offer and expanded it to additional Vehicle safety and convenience products to include backup cameras and monitors. With many OEM style cameras and mirrors available. Rostra has technology that surpasses the rest at an affordable rate.

Improve your outlook on driving by covering every angle with an iBeam Camera. Backup Rear facing Cameras, Front Parking Cameras, Blind Spot Cameras to Tailgate handle cameras and Third Brake Light Cameras. We have every angle covered. iBeam has expanded its options to commercial Heavy Duty camera systems, Mirror Viewing systems and Vehicle Specific plug and play units.

The Backstopper™ CA-5020 is a front and rear impact warning sensor system designed to aid the driver not only when backing up the vehicle but also when pulling forward. The system includes a colorful dashboard mounted LED digital display with a four-sensor direction indicator and (8) ultra-sonic sensors for front and back signaling. The crystal-clear LED digital display comes with a four-sensor direction indicator which will also indicate when it is the front or the rear sensors detecting the obstruction.

Mobile eye can help detect: Lane Departure, Forward Collision Monitoring, Headway Monitoring, Speed Indication, Intelligent High Beam and Pedestrian Collision Monitoring. Using sophisticated vision algorithms, Mobileye’s collision avoidance technology is able to ‘interpret’ a scene in real-time and provide drivers with an immediate evaluation based on its analysis. Automakers are now adopting this technology into their rapidly expanding safety feature applications known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Back up cameras are a great way to make your vehicle safer and easier to operate. At Team Nutz, we offer a variety of high-quality, convenient back up cameras from top brands including:


View some of our products and work. Get an
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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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