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Car Audio Systems

Team Nutz is a Car Electronics specialist business. Did you know that Team Nutz built the World’s Loudest Vehicle in Drag Drag Racing, Street Max Deathmatch competition in 2005 & 2006?

Team Nutz offers all the major brand names in:

local installation Team Nutz has been servicing the pittsburgh area for over 20 years

CD Receivers

Play all your favorite CDs with our wide selection of quality, top brand CD receivers.

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Multimedia GPS Receivers

This type of receiver goes above and beyond the basic CDE player offering touchscreen or LCD displays and a variety of convenient features.

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Factory OEM Stereos

If you are looking to replace your vehicle’s original stereo, our quality selection of Factory OEM Stereos offers a seamless fit and authentic factory look.

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Experience high-quality music reproduction with our selection of amplifiers from the industry’s top brands.

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Car Speakers

If you want to upgrade your factory speakers that are starting to sound muddy or muffled, our selection of aftermarket speakers can give you the clear, crisp sound you are looking for.

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If you plan to add an amplifier and subwoofer to your system, check out our quality selection of crossovers to ensure the appropriate frequencies are sent to your speakers.

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Control your vehicle’s audio with precision using one of our top-quality equalizers from the best brand sin the industry.

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Enhance the bass in your car with our large selection of subwoofers that are sure to impress.

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Subwoofer Enclosures
Custom Subwoofer Enclosures

Choose from a variety of professionally built subwoofer enclosures for superior sound performance.
Design your handcrafted subwoofer enclosure to ensure for a seamless fit and ultimate performance.

Android Auto

Android Auto makes using your favorite safe and easy while out on the road with a simplified interface, powerful voice actions and large buttons, keeping you entertained.

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For clean and integrated look, consider an in-dahs navigation system to make traveling easy and convenient.

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Apple Car Play

Use your iPhone in a safer and smarter way with Apple CarPlay. The CarPlay Dashboard helps you access your tunes, Siri, and navigation safely and easily using voice commands.

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With Bluetooth, you can make calls or stream music through your vehicle’s speakers, adding convenience and functionality to your vehicle.

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HD Radio

Get rid of static, pops, and crackles and achieve clearer sound with HD radio.

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Satellite Radio

If coast-to-coast reception and no ads sounds like something you’re interested in, then satellite radio may be a great option for you! With a wide variety of stations, satellite radio is a great option for music lovers.

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Sound Treatment

Looking for a way to cut down road noise and resonance? Consider state of the art sound treatment to prevent your volume
from dropping and your sound from becoming muddled.

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Team Nutz has built its foundation on car audio, from custom car audio systems to basic radio installations. Factory vehicle equipment is constantly evolving and the “12 Volt” aftermarket industry is producing products for Team Nutz to provide the ever-evolving consumer. Auto Manufactures are building vehicles with more sophisticated computer systems which require advanced knowledge to complete a “basic radio install”, with the digital interfacing in current vehicles, it is not so basic anymore.

Team Nutz has trained technicians that keep up to date on all the high-tech computer systems and wiring diagrams for all new and used vehicles. Don’t trust just anyone to work on your Car Radio. The inexperienced friend install is always the most expensive install when you add the repair bill. Trust the trained technicians at Team Nutz to service your stereo needs. Check out some of the top brands we offer:

*some vehicle restrictions may apply

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View some of our products and work. Get an
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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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