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Do you have a Bluetooth cell phone and would like to integrate it into your vehicle’s sound system? Well, at Team Nutz, we have a solution for every vehicle and Bluetooth cell phone types. Through the installation of an aftermarket Bluetooth system, we can provide you the ability to never let your hands leave your steering wheel, while listening to your caller through your vehicle’s speakers.

Stop in at Team Nutz LLC today with your Bluetooth accessible cell phone and we’ll show you the options that could work for you! Options Include for Music or Phone calls. Bluetooth can be added in your rearview mirror or in your new replacement radio. Call to discuss your options today

Crux Interfacing Solutions allow you to add Bluetooth streaming to your factory radio. This allows you to stream all your favorite tunes without having to replace the car radio and you will even be able to utilize your navigation app voice prompts through your car system when using the Bluetooth mode. Crux offers you an easy and affordable way to add Bluetooth to your vehicle

JL Audio provides high-quality Bluetooth receivers that are easy to install and even easier to use. With their receivers, you can stream your favorite podcast or playlists from your personal Bluetooth devices to make your car ride more enjoyable.

Rostra offers quality solutions for your car, truck, or SUV, allowing you to add Bluetooth to your car audio system. With Rostra, you can link your device using voice commands, completing tasks such as sending a text, making a phone, starting or stopping your music, etc. With Rostra Con-Verse Bluetooth, can keep your hands on the wheel while remining in control of your phone calls, music, and more.


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View some of our featured products and
services. Get to know your car and

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