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The Kelvin Color Temperature Chart above depicts the hues / colors that can be projected by your HID system. It provides measurements in Degrees Kelvin (K) and illustrates the different colors emitted at different levels of color temperatures. Note: Actual colors of the light produced by a particular brand of HID may not be an exact match to those found in this chart. This chart serves only as a color guide.

It is a common misconception that higher color temperatures (K’s) produce brighter lights. This is not true. The color temperature only determines the color but not the brightness of the HID light. The Color Temperature is simply a scale represented by the Kelvin Temperature Chart (hence the abbreviation “K” or “K’s”) as depicted above that measures the color of the light output. Typically, the higher the color temperature, the closer you get to achieving bluish to purplish light colors.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting systems refer to the revolutionary lighting technology that produces brilliant light by striking an electrical arc across tungsten electrodes. It is the “high intensity discharge” generated from these electrodes that produces the “whitish-bluish” lights, and hence the name, HID lights. This advanced lighting technology, easily distinguished by its intense beams of whitish-bluish lights, is commonly displayed by most upscale/luxury cars seen on the streets today.

Evidently, these lights are rapidly becoming the norm on the streets because they are able to produce more light than conventional halogen lighting systems (from 200% to 300% more light), enabling the driver to see more clearly, while at the same time consuming only almost half the power (35w vs. 55w), making the car more economical to run. Furthermore, the life expectancy is up to 10 times longer than any halogen lighting systems, almost equaling the life span of the car, and only needs replacing in exceptional cases. These hard-to-beat combinations have made HID superior to any other conventional automotive lighting systems.

LED Headlights

LED Headlights are best used for High Beam bulbs. The 5500k color and instant turn on are great for high beam lights on a vehicle.
In addition to HID and LED Conversions, we also offer Sealed Beams.

The brand we work with for HID and LED Conversions:

Heise offers a selection of sealed beams that are held to the highest standards of quality, undergoing rigorous testing during both the development and manufacturing process. Check out our products to see which one best suits your needs.

Racesport serves as a one stop shop for lighting and specialty needs. They offer top-quality HID and LED Conversions that can help you see up to 2-3 times further than your stock lights.

Racesport offers a selection of waterproof, sealed beams, that are built for lasting durability.


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View some of our featured products and
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